Dedicated to Message Ministers gone on before.

May sinners see the footprints on the sands of time, and may they be led to Thee. These things we ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Rev. Daniel Williams
February 24, 1956 - November 15, 1998

Daniel Williams Life Story

Bro. Daniel Williams was born on February 24, 1956 in Arizona, the third child of Bro. Earl and Sis. Helen Williams. Although his grandparents, Bro. and Sis. Carl Williams had become Christians in 1951, his parents didn't receive Christ as their Savior until 1961 and were filled with the Holy Spirit. He was raised from that time, as a young child, in a Christian home and his parents began to follow the Lord through the Message of Bro. Branham. His grandfather was president of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in Phoenix, and they were able to be in many of the meetings in which Bro. Branham preached in Arizona and the west.

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